The Scavenger Hunt is Live!

In a previous post on the Atlassian Devs Unleashed Hackathon I mentioned that Gavin and I were going to opensource and make project available to anyone that’s interested.

Everything is ready to go and the details are below, Gavin has graciously even helped writing up a bit of documentation.

Source Code (GPL-V3)

Our Scavenger Hunt Source Code page should have everything you need to get going.  To get started with Forge check out Atlassian’s documentation


Atlassian Marketplace

Don’t feel like fiddling around with the code?  Use the below codes to get the marketplace listings for free.



Confluence Cloud

A silhouette of Sherlock Holmes

Add a bit of excitement to keeping documentation updated

Jira Cloud

Add a little flair to those stories and bugs in Jira

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