Scavenger Hunt Source Code for Jira and Confluence

We’re thrilled to announce that the Scavenger Hunt for Jira and Confluence is now open-sourced on! By licensing our project under GPL-3.0, we grant you the flexibility to use the code both commercially and privately.

Built on Atlassian’s Forge platform, the Scavenger Hunt app enables the creation of fully-functional apps in just a few hours. This includes hosting, multiple development environments, and API authentication. To learn more, explore About Forge (

If you’d like to contribute to our project, we’d be more than happy to have you on board! Simply create issues and Pull Requests (PRs) on GitHub, and we’ll diligently review and merge fixes and features. As a token of our appreciation, contributors to the project, even for minor updates like documentation, bug fixes, or typos, will receive discounted or free access to our compiled marketplace versions.

Working with the Open Source project

Since Forge Marketplace entries can only target a single platform, we’ve strategically split the code into three repositories for seamless integration—one for the core code and one each for Jira and Confluence. Each app-specific repository incorporates the core as a submodule in the src folder, ensuring a smooth and unified experience.

🚀 Core: Delve into the heart of the Scavenger Hunt app, designed for both Jira and Confluence, at TripleEIT/Scavenger-Hunt-Core (  This repository contains the essential building blocks that make the app function across both platforms.

🎯 Jira: Explore the Jira version of Scavenger Hunt at TripleEIT/Scavenger-Hunt-Jira (  Its just a small repository with the manifest and application configuration specific to Jira.

📚 Confluence: Discover the Confluence version of the Scavenger Hunt app at TripleEIT/Scavenger-Hunt-Confluence (  Its just a small repository with the manifest and application configuration specific to Confluence.

We hope you enjoy exploring and contributing to the Scavenger Hunt project. Let’s make work even more engaging and fun together! 🎉

Ready to add Gamification Today?

If you prefer not to tinker with the code, you can still enjoy our apps on the Atlassian Marketplace from the below links.

Confluence Cloud

A silhouette of Sherlock Holmes

Add a bit of excitement to keeping documentation updated

Jira Cloud

Add a little flair to those stories and bugs in Jira

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