Initial Setup

Welcome to Scavenger Hunt! When you first load the app for either Jira or Confluence, you’ll start with a blank slate and need to configure a few items before any rewards can be granted. Both products share many of the same configuration settings, so we’ll point out any differences between Jira and Confluence. If none are mentioned, assume that it’s a shared setting.

Before any rewards can be granted, you’ll need to follow the steps in Configuring Rewards.

Users can then view their scores and use PowerUps in the User Leaderboard

Scavenger Hunt inside Jira and Confluence

Admins will find three main points of interactivity within the app, and standard users only two. Rewarded segments are notified via comments on the Jira Issue or Confluence Document. There are also a User Page and Settings Page that can be can be accessed within each product.

User Pages

The User Pages in Scavenger Hunt display each user’s current score and available PowerUps. Users can also see which rewards they have earned and which ones they are still working towards.

Configuration Pages

The Configuration Pages in Scavenger Hunt allow admins to manage rewards, set eligible activities, and adjust the probability of reward increments. These pages are crucial for setting up and customizing the app to fit your team’s needs.

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