Introducing Scavenger Hunt for Atlassian: Gamification for Jira and Confluence Cloud

Transform Your Daily Development and Documentation Tasks with Gamification

Introducing Scavenger Hunt for Atlassian – the gamification solution that injects excitement into your Jira Cloud and Confluence Cloud daily development and documentation tasks!

With Scavenger Hunt, users accumulate rewards by completing tasks and contributing to team projects successfully. Each task or contribution carries a specific number of reward increments, earned upon completion. Once users achieve all increments for a particular reward, they can claim their prize.

Scavenger Hunt: Open-Source, Profitable, and Enjoyable

We initially wanted to call it Atlassian Scavenger Hunt, but our lawyers advised against it. Despite the naming hurdle, we developed Scavenger Hunt with a perfect blend of altruism, profitability, and pure enjoyment in mind. By open-sourcing the project, we ensure transparency and fairness regarding your most valuable data. We hope you delight in our creation and consider purchasing the app from the Atlassian Marketplace (that’s the profitability bit). After all, who doesn’t appreciate a little extra fun in their daily work, especially when paired with tantalizing treats?

Behind the Scenes: Scavenger Hunt Development and Thought Process

As we move forward, we’ll share blog posts to reveal our thought process and development journey. If you’re eager to dive into the code, visit for Nathan’s blog posts on the challenges we’ve overcome, and find our GitHub repositories on our Open Source Contributions page.

Key Features of Scavenger Hunt for Atlassian

Regarding the Scavenger Hunt apps themselves, here are some key highlights. We’ll publish detailed blogs on each feature and provide documentation as we progress.  You can always browse our current documentation starting with Initial Setup.

Unique Rewards System to Boost Productivity and Collaboration

We’re excited to introduce a unique rewards system that lets users earn rewards incrementally and redeem them once they achieve the required amount. This feature consistently motivates users to complete tasks and contribute to team projects while pursuing a tangible goal.

Customizable Reward System for Tailored Incentives

Our customizable reward system empowers you to design your rewards and set the necessary increments to obtain them. You can also specify the tasks and contributions eligible for earning increments toward a particular reward.

Getting Started with Scavenger Hunt: Setup, Configuration, and Best Practices

In our documentation, we’ll guide you through setting up and configuring Scavenger Hunt’s rewards system, offering best practices for crafting rewards that engage and inspire your team. So let’s embark on this journey and start earning those rewards with Scavenger Hunt for Atlassian!

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