About Us

Welcome to the About Us page of Triple E IT, where the perfect blend of business and fun drives our innovative spirit!

Our story began at the University of Minnesota, Crookston, around 2002, where a shared love for comedy and understanding the world brought us together. We have always been passionate about integrating business with enjoyment, recognizing that one key to a thriving business lies in delivering genuine value to others. By focusing on mutual success instead of solely pursuing wealth (though we do appreciate profitability), we make business a more enjoyable experience for all.

Nathan and Gavin in 2003
Young and back in the days where you used a 'disposable camera'

In our downtime, we love to explore philosophy. Understanding the human mind enriches both our comedic and business pursuits. Currently, we’re delving into stoicism and nihilism, but our interests are always evolving.

About Gavin

Hailing from Wisconsin, Gavin is a family man and a Certified Flight Instructor by day, while pursuing his interest in business and software during the evenings. With a career in aviation since 2005, he possesses extensive industry knowledge and jargon, although he knows it’s not quite relevant here. At Triple E IT, Gavin is passionate about helping people solve their problems and keeping Nathan focused and clear of random distractions.

About Nathan

Residing in London with his wife and two cats, Nathan left Crookston shortly after graduation to gain valuable experience at Microsoft in Seattle. After living in various locations across the USA, he moved to the United Kingdom at the start of 2019. As a software engineer for Squared Up, Nathan continues to thrive in the world of technology and innovation.

A photo of Nathan

Join us as we continue our journey of turning software projects into a delightful experience at Triple E IT!

Nathan and Gavin together in 2022
20 years later and we're taking photos in focus now!
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