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A view of the users profile in either Jira or Confluence showing the rewards they have earned with the potential options for redemtion.
Activate rewards and see your score from the User Profile

Congratulations, you’ve been on a roll collecting those increments and building towards rewards! But why stop there? On the ‘My Profile’ page, you can take your scavenger hunt game to the next level.

Using PowerUps

In the ‘Available PowerUps’ section, you can see all of the PowerUps you have in your store, as well as a description. Feeling lucky? Click the ‘Use PowerUp’ button to make it active. But beware, PowerUps have a limited duration, so use them judiciously. Think of it like having a secret weapon – you don’t want to use it up too soon!

At the time of release, we have two PowerUps:

  1. Double Reward Detective: Up your sleuthing skills for a day and get double the rewards whenever you find an increment.
  2. Lucky Charm 10: Your own magical charm! Increase your chance of finding any increment by 10%.

Reward Redemption

This is where the real fun begins! In the ‘Reward Redemption’ section, you can see a list of all available rewards and what they entail. You’ll also see your personal ‘Quantity Collected’ as well as the ‘Quantity Required’ to redeem an award. Once you’ve collected more than the ‘Quantity Required,’ a ‘Redeem Reward’ button will show up. It’s like winning the lottery, but without the wait!

Clicking the ‘Redeem Reward’ button will generate a ‘Redemption Code’ and send it over to management. Don’t forget to pester them to make sure you get your reward. Think of it like a little friendly blackmail – they owe you, so why not remind them?

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