Configuring Rewards

A view of the default rewards for Atlassian Jira and Confluence Gamification
We’ve provided a couple fun default rewards

Scavenger Hunt Rewards

Scavenger Hunt rewards are based on users earning ‘increments’ up to a pre-defined number, after which they become eligible to redeem the award. Configuration starts with three initial award options, all of which start with zero outstanding increments and cannot be won until action is taken.

To manage Scavenger Hunt rewards, open the configuration pages

Manage Rewards

Use this screen to deploy ‘Increments’ of an award and make them available for users to earn. You can choose what products they will be available on and set an expiration date when this batch of awards will expire. Using this expiration date can be great for short events, such as a Bug Bash, where you want a high number of reward increments to be available for a short amount of time.

Customizing one of the rewards via a modal window.
Deploying 15 segments for users to find in Confluence or Jira

The Manage Rewards screen also lets you see the history of deployed and earned reward increments.

A view of the history of a reward


This action allows you to change everything about the reward, including the name, description, increment name, quantity required, and icon. You can also disable the award if needed.

The view configuring a reward, doughnuts for the team


An Advanced tab allows for the award messages to be tweaked and tuned. These messages are displayed in comments when a user earns a reward increment.

The messages can be customized as well

Customize the motivational messages with the below Moustache tags.
{{userMention}} – The user’s display name
{{actionPerformed}} – What was done to receive the reward increment.
{{incrementName}} – The name of the increment
{{quantityRequired}} – The number of increments required to earn the reward
{{quantityRemaining}} – The number of increments remaining to earn the reward
{{rewardName}} – The name of the reward
{{rewardDescription}} – The description of the reward
{{rewardIcon}} – The emoji icon of the reward


This action duplicates an award to a new entry, making it much quicker to create a new reward than starting from scratch.


A ‘Disable’ or ‘Enable’ action will be available depending on the reward’s current state. If an award is already disabled, the delete option becomes available to the reward entry. Disabled awards cannot be managed and must be re-enabled for ‘increments’ to be deployed.


This option permanently deletes the reward record.

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